Today I created a new category that may be of use for the Haitian relief effort. I am calling it the "support" category, and the icon is a little life saver. If anyone can think of any other meta fields that may be useful for this let me know and I will try to add it in.

The idea is that perhaps there are folks in Haiti with family abroad, but with no means of communication. Recording stations can be set up to record messages from survivors to their families abroad. This can be accomplished from a laptop or even just a phone (iphone/blackberry). A location can be logged in a metatag and an extended text area with Names, or other information can also be added. Sort of like an audio version of the CNN iReport "I'm Alive: Messages from Haiti."

I've created a video showing how to edit metatags for a chirbit post. If this is useful in any way please let me know. Thank You,