logos (/'loʊgɒs/, /'lɒgɒs/, or /'loʊgoʊs/ the word or form which expresses a thought. The written word in action.

In 1999 I had an idea to create a website where people could upload mp3 or real audio versions of public domain books. The idea was for anyone to take text from Project Gutenberg and record it digitally then upload the file for public use. Primarily for people with disability (sight or Dyslexia) or for anyone listening to it on a computer (this was pre iPod as the first iPod was not released until October 23, 2001).

Project Gutenberg as it appeared in May of 2000

This was 5 years before LibriVox. In 1999 bandwidth and encoding were not trivial, and the idea of user generated content was not as wide spread as it is today.

I let the domain go in 2004. ( I am not sure what the current logosproject.org will be. There is place holder text there now.) I stumbled upon the archive.org wayback machine files of logosproject.org while thinking about chirbit and the direction that I see it going. I am excited about chirbit as a hub of user created audio awesomeness, and am even more excited about this and other ideas coming to fruition after long periods of germination (thoughts made into action). My hope is that chirbit is simple, useful and fun to all who use it. - Ivan