Tutorial - Sharing audio to Chirbit from the Apple Music Memo App

January 20, 2016

a quick tutorial on sharing from the new cool music app from apple.

Tutorial - How to embed chirbit audio in your blog

May 16, 2012

Tutorial on how to embed chirbits in your blogger blog.

How to post to chirbit from the Linux commandline

March 29, 2012

Example code for uploading via Linux command line.

Instant Audio Recorder - iOS App with Chirbit upload

February 25, 2012

Check out this app with chirbit upload capabilities

How to add audio to a holiday card with chirbit using QRCodes

December 12, 2011

Using Chirbit QR codes on printed material

YouTube to Chirbit Audio Tutorial by NicheProf

September 01, 2011

Video tutorial by one of our users

Songatron App reaches 1000th post on Chirbit!

February 15, 2011

Jonathan Mann's Songatron app has reached 1000 posts on chirbit!

Voice Changer Plus iphone app works great with Chirbit

September 24, 2010

Voice Changer Plus is a cool app and it works great with chirbit.

Chirbit Summer Update No. 1 - Plugins Galore!

July 18, 2010

Big updates in the plugin department!

Chirbit is a great alternative to Snapvine! Check us out.

April 20, 2010

Snapvine is no longer, where can you record audio messages to share online?

Chirbit at the 2010 Dallas International Film Festival

April 10, 2010

Chirbit had a presence at the 2010 Dallas International Film Festival

More Chirbit Follow Me Buttons

February 18, 2010

More Follow me buttons available. Check them out.

Follow Me on Chirbit Buttons!

February 15, 2010

Check out the new follow me buttons.

How to post a chirbit and edit it's location and notes metatags.

January 16, 2010

How to post a chirbit and edit location and notes.

The Top 100 Chirbit Posts page

October 27, 2009

Browse the top 100 chirbits posted.

Chirbit Ideas and Tips

August 25, 2009

Some ideas and tips for chirbits.

Tweet this audio - How to share Chirbit audio on Twitter

August 03, 2009

Follow these easy steps and you will be sharing audio on Twitter like a pro!

Chirbit's seed idea - (c.1999)

July 26, 2009

In 1999 I had an idea to create a website where people could upload mp3 or real audio versions of public domain books.

One Free Ticket to the Atlanta Mashable Mixer Tonight!

May 14, 2009

We have one ticket available for tonight's sold out Mashable Mixer in Atlanta.

Chirbit is a platinum sponsor of the Mashable / Regator mixer in Atlanta on May 14th

May 07, 2009

Chirbit is a sponsor of the upcoming Mashable/Regator Mixer.

Feedback from our users through User Voice

April 10, 2009

User Voice for feedback.

Chirbit open beta

April 02, 2009

Chirbit has a twitter account! Today starts our public beta.

Chirbit starts closed beta

November 10, 2008

Today Chirbit starts it's closed beta period.